APImetrics Q1 Feature Boost

So many exciting new features! Tabbed views, performance metrics, the all-new API edit pane, Service Level Objective tracking & more. As we race through 2022, we have a lot of feature changes coming. They're designed to make APImetrics easier to use so you can focus on managing API performance and data – not just for the APIs you own, but all the ones you rely on. We've already rolled out the tabbed API edit pane. Now it's easier than ever to see results, insights and stats. And we're adding a tabbed provider home page that's going to revolutionize the way [...]

APImetrics Expands With Purchase Of API Science

API Science and APImetrics came into being at roughly similar times to solve parts of the same problem, and I could not be happier to announce that we are acquiring API Science today.In the short term, there will be no changes in the API Science user experience. existing API Science customers will continue to use the API Science product.However, we will be offering support to all current API Science customers to move over to APImetrics in the next few weeks.We match almost all the existing API Science features – plus more insight and depth in the analysis of API performance.Moving [...]

Say Hello to API Ratings from API.expert

One of the recurring themes we hear when speaking to clients is that they just want the data. They don't want the challenge of setting up and configuring and maintaining API calls. They want answers, not excuses. They need to know – and they need to know it's right.Say hello to API RankingsAPI.expert is the first of a wave of product changes here at APImetrics to help us move towards the goal of making things easier to understand and use even for non-developers and ensure that everybody has access to clear API rankings for all the services they depend on. [...]

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Top of the APIs: Which CMA9 Bank Was Summer Champion 2018?

The APImetrics Insights CASC (Cloud API Service Consistency) score lets you know the performance and quality of an API at a glance. It also lets you instantly compare any API with any other API. Not all APIs are identically comparable, so the usefulness in comparing two APIs depends on the nature of the APIs. In the case ofΒ Open APIs for UK CMA9 Banks, we can make direct (or almost direct) comparisons. That's because each of the CMA9 banks exposes APIs that do exactly the same things – with two caveats: Some banks have more ATMs or branches than others The [...]

Brought Low by a Humble Bug in the Google+ People API

I remember when Google+ was a thing. And then when it was a thing again. Both those periods were a long time ago. But it was still a shock to see that Google+ is soon to be shuttered for good – and to learn that it was brought low by a humble bug in the Google+ People API. We've said it before: you've got to keep on monitoring your APIs once they are in production. In the case of Google+, it looks as though the bug arose through Google+ People API's interaction with a change in the Google+ codebase. The [...]

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CMA9 Open Banking public APIs: Latest News

The story of our previous monthly surveys of the UK CMA9 Open Banking public APIs has been that roughly 30% of the APIs have fallen below an acceptable score of 800 or more. While things have improved in June, confirming our suspicions that many of the banks took advantage of the multiple holidays during May to make changes, we still observe that 28% of the APIs we monitor are performing below a 'good' score as determined by our CASC scoring system. This is strongly tied to a small number of the institutions involved. Generally speaking, if some of a bank's [...]

Coming Soon to UK’s Digital Marketplace and Microprocurement Platform

As I blogged a few weeks ago, one of the hottest trends right now in business and government is microprocurement. Always at the very front of any trend, we have just found out that APImetrics has been approved as a supplier for G-Cloud, the UK government's digital marketplace and microprocurement platform. So APImetrics will be going live on the brand new G-Cloud 10 on Monday, 2 July 2018. If you are in the lucky position to be a buyer of services from G-Cloud, get the date in your diary. In less than two weeks, you will be able to obtain [...]

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CMA9 APIs: The Only Constant Is The Lack Of Consistency

Following on from our thoughts on SLOs and KPIs, we teased that we had some more data on CMA9 APIs. And here it is! The approach we use is simple. We look at past performance and provide benchmarking against similar services doing similar things – or against previous performance. Obviously, making comparisons against similar services is challenging. But we happen to have a large data set, which fits nicely. Measuring API SLOs The CMA9 UK Open Banking APIs are a set of APIs required by all the UK major banks. It covers the provision of data on common bank information [...]

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Microprocurement: Don’t Nonitor. Monitor!

Our friend Kin Lane has an interesting article over at his essential API Evangelist site that includes a shout out for us. Kin discusses the trend in US government circles towards microprocurement. We have seen this in the UK too – for instance, with the G-Cloud digital marketplace. CAPEX v. OPEX Microprocurement tried to address the age-old problem of CAPEX v. OPEX. If you want an active API monitoring solution, that's CAPEX. It's a software system, so you have to go through the whole heavyweight procurement cycle with RfIs and RfPs and RfQs and supplier approval. You might end up [...]

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API Gateway and APImetrics: How We Integrate with Your Existing Systems

An API gateway allows API providers to manage and control their APIs reliably and at scale. It manages access, policy and traffic controls, and handles run-time activities including routing and authentication. An API gateway typically provides functionality across five broad areas: access control cloud-native principles policy definition reporting analytics traffic management Of these areas, reporting analytics supports passive API monitoring. Reporting analytics provides information about the consumption of APIs, HTTP errors and warnings generated by APIs, and detects API behavior patterns, including error patterns, that can be used to optimize API performance. Traffic management functionality can also used to [...]

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