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Your Car Is Connected

It may be just an app to warn you of a required service, or your phone may be your door key and the key to the entire entertainment system. Whatever it is, today’s cars are becoming connected devices dependent on a complex web of APIs, applications and services. This means a single piece of any of these parts failing could have a significant impact on the in-car experience.

Automotive Security Above All Else

APImetrics understands the importance of app and API security, and provides a variety of tools and systems that make it easy to measure the security of services like your API Gateway or back-end infrastructure.

Location Matters

Understanding how systems function from where the user is, and the services they interact with, is essential.

The Automotive Business isn’t just cars

One of the critical problems is getting rapidly to the root cause of a perceived problem, without hitting a situation where data is not being seen by one of the groups involved. By providing honest, third-party assurance on the quality of systems, both internal and vendor disputes can be resolved quickly.

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  • Performance analysis across all APIs
  • Authentication security analysis
  • In-vehicle service performance analysis
  • Dealer network API performance
  • In-App APIs
  • Secure networks available

Data Collection Monitoring

When this global in vehicle data provider wanted to have a network of European and US based data collection points for their developer network, they turned to APImetrics to measure not just the individual APIs but the workflows critical to their users.


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