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API Gateway and APImetrics: How We Integrate with Your Existing Systems

An API gateway allows API providers to manage and control their APIs reliably and at scale. It manages access, policy and traffic controls, and handles run-time activities including routing and authentication. An API gateway typically provides functionality across five broad areas: access control cloud-native principles policy definition reporting analytics traffic management Of these areas, reporting analytics supports passive API monitoring. Reporting analytics provides information about the consumption of APIs, HTTP errors and warnings generated by APIs, and detects API behavior patterns, including error patterns, that can be used to optimize API performance. Traffic management functionality can also used to [...]

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Active Monitoring: Never Hesitate to Go Active

The transducers in the sonar for HMS Dreadnought, Britain's first nuclear submarine, were actually designed to ping all the way across the Atlantic and back again. But for the last five decades, submarines have not had that telltale "ping" sound you know from the movies. After all, going active will give away your position. But it will also give you a lot of information about your situation that you are never going to get from passive sonar. Luckily, you don't have to worry about going active with your API monitoring giving away anything to your "enemies." A manager might know [...]

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PSD2 Active API Performance Monitoring: You Can’t Do That From Here

API performance monitoring is part of managing, and here at APImetrics our mantra is: You have to manage your APIs. And if you are relying purely on passive monitoring of API gateways, you are not monitoring your APIs because you don't actually know how your APIs are really behaving from the end-user perspective. Open Banking is a cluster of innovations driven by the new technologies and pent-up customer demand for truly 21st century banking. PSD2 is a EU directive mandating that banks and financial institutions across the European Single Market allow access to their systems for the purposes of [...]

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Open Banking APIs: Working Together To Make It Work

In reading up on Open Banking, we recently came across an interesting letter from Olivier Guersent, the European Commission's Director‑General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union to Andrea Enria, the Chairperson of the European Banking Authority (EBA). The fact that such personages are exchanging letters about APIs tells us something about their perceived importance in the present and future worlds of open banking. And, tellingly, M. Guersent's views about how to manage APIs are aligned with the recommendations of best practices that we at APImetrics have made. The letter states: It is not possible for EBA [...]

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Open Banking APIs Need PSD2 Monitoring – Now

Finextra's piece, "How Open Banking Will Blow Core Systems Out of the Water," says that the three hottest TLAs in banking are APIs, PSD2 and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). DLT is the generalization of blockchain-type systems. You don't have to use blocks to have a chain. According to the article, this isn't considered to be a mature technology. But though it's very exciting, it concerns us only indirectly through the use of APIs with DLT. APIs and PSD2, of course, are our bread and butter. The article raises a couple of points that we at APImetrics have been saying over [...]

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New: Monitoring the Untestable – A White Paper from APImetrics

APImetrics has just published Monitoring the Untestable, a new white paper that focuses on the Catch-22* at the heart of PSD2 and open banking: if you don’t actively monitor your production environment with synthetic transactions, you have no idea whether your bank’s APIs are truly compliant at any given moment. But banks are often reluctant (with good reason) to allow testing in the live environment. As we've said, to manage your APIs, you must monitor them. But if you are only passively monitoring your APIs, you are not monitoring them – which means you are not managing them. So, it's important to actively monitor [...]

API Update Failure: Or, Beware Of The Leopard

One of the ongoing potential API update failures is handling situations that commonly happen whenever you have to update them. Updating an API is a perfectly natural thing to do. In fact, often you have to update an API for essential reasons – security changes, new features and more. But if you’re coming from an enterprise background, where APIs are generally only for internal use it's very easy to forget that there are others dependent on them. So when considering potential API update failure modes, you’re looking at processes and strategies that you need in place for the following: Updating [...]

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The (Open Banking) Revolution Will Be Blogged.

BBC Business is a fairly obscure slot on the BBC's news channel, but the BBC News website is one of the leading news sites in the world and there was a story on the launch of PSD2 and Open Banking on the front page on Saturday. Of course, it takes about three-quarters of the article before it is admitted that Open Banking is an EU initiative – but this is the BBC we are talking about. God forbid they ever suggest that the EU ever did anything for us! So, as I said last week, PSD2 and Open Banking are [...]

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PSD2 Eve: Tomorrow It Goes Live. Are You Ready?

Happy PSD2 Eve! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come: It's going live throughout the European Single Market on Saturday, 13 January 2018. So, what happens if you realize on Monday morning that the passive monitoring or homemade cURL scripts you have implemented simply isn't enough? What if you find you're unable to understand how the open banking APIs your organization depends are really behaving? Here at APImetrics, we offer the industry's state-of-the-art active API performance and quality monitoring solution. Just reach out to us if there is any way we can help you with your APIs. To find [...]

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The IRS and APIs: Can Your Tax Returns Be Accessed?

There's a fascinating article over at TechCrunch about the possibility of the IRS being mandated by Congress to expose an API. The IRS undoubtedly already has lots of internal APIs, and might even expose some of them to external users. But the mandated API would give authorized third parties access to certain details from the someone's tax returns. Why would you want to let someone access your tax returns? The answer is to prove what your income is in order to obtain a better rate on a loan or a loan at all. In fact, you can already tell the [...]

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