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Technical Challenges of OpenID FAPI JWT and Open Banking

The worst thing a specification can do is not specify something The recent retirement of OB Legacy certificates has caused trouble in the Open Banking UK world. With a hard deadline of June 30, 2021, some institutions were still working in the last three weeks to complete the change.  After having finished their transfer, others turned off the old certificate support weeks ago, essentially cutting off any integration that hadn’t been updated. However, the remaining number struggled with the lack of specs for handling secure APIs and communicating information in a standardized way. Some Background – OpenID FAPI JWT Using Financial-grade API (FAPI) [...]

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Party Like it’s 1999! PHP and XML-RPC Under the Hood

While REST and JSON are in vogue for APIs, there are still plenty of APIs out there using the (not-so) venerable XML-RPC specification, which dates all the way back to 1999. Yes, this is a technology that may be older than your youngest co-workers in the very near future! If you’re calling an XML-RPC API, you’ll probably using a library to wrap the actual interface, and given the age of the technology, you might be using PHP. For example, Wordpress exposes an XML-RPC API, and contains a XML-RPC library, but there are many options available, across many different languages. [...]

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Programming Notes, Nov 13

Hello, welcome to yet another development update. Our test team were very quick verifying our latest sprint, so we already have a new version live. Two releases in one week, we're really treating you! What's in this latest build? New Improved Dashboard View A new improved dashboard view - let us know what you think about this UI refresh, we think it's a bit cleaner and easier to view than the old one. New header in all pages, matching our brand styling. You can now import API Calls from Postman! And, as always, various bug fixes. Postman support Yes, right [...]

Programming Notes, Nov 10

Welcome to the first of a regular series where we update you on the newest features added to APImetrics! Today's release features: API Blueprint support in the importer. Remote Locations updated with our latest clients, including for Azure. Wider pages for desktop viewers. Report editor tweaks to make it easier to see which API Call is currently deployed. API Calls list now has a column showing you how many deployments each call has enabled. Report Latency graph loading improvements. And as always, miscellaneous bug fixes. Import API Calls API Blueprint is now the fourth supported format in our [...]

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