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From refrigerators to thermostats, the connected world is getting more complex.  Systems not only connect to the internet via API to control things, but also to services to verify that the right decision is being made. Connected home systems that check in with weather services to automatically adjust to current temperature are just one aspect of this growing and increasingly complex field.

APImetrics provides solutions to providers in the space where we monitor data collection APIs and endpoints for the agricultural and security sectors and more clients are coming on board all the time.

Where to start?

You already have monitoring? Right? But maybe you’re not feeling that it’s capturing everything. Like our client Meridian Environmental Technologies, the SRE team were missing issues that hit users and caused unhappy customers. Learning a new product can be a challenge and getting the buy in from gatekeepers in engineering can block action.

Why not let APImetrics kick things off for you, whether it is as simple as getting a few APIs setup and monitored or helping define a full API monitoring strategy for you and your partners and regulators we can help, either with our team of experts or with one of our solutions partners.

Technology Partners

APIs are just one part of the complex world of the API economy. APImetrics understands that and has built relationships and partnerships with many of the key players in the industry. Whether it is the cloud hosting platforms themselves, or the API gateway vendors like Axway, APImetrics can easily integrate with or troubleshoot with all the key industry players in the API space.

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