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From refrigerators to thermostats, the connected world is getting more complex.  Systems not only connect to the internet via API to control things, but also to services to verify that the right decision is being made. Connected home systems that check in with weather services to automatically adjust to current temperature are just one aspect of this growing and increasingly complex field.

APImetrics provides solutions to providers in the space where we monitor data collection APIs and endpoints for the agricultural and security sectors and more clients are coming on board all the time.

Agriculture to Zoology

There isn’t a sector of business that isn’t being impacted by APIs and connected services. Whether it’s working out what a combine harvester has taken from a field, through tracking your weight, down to logging the locations of endangered species there will be an API at work somewhere.

Sometimes it’ll be collecting essential data, perhaps a reading from a smart meter, or telling a light bulb in the living room to change color. At all of those stages APImetrics is there ensuring that latency, uptime and performance are meeting your expectations.

Bricks and Mortar meets digital

APImetrics understands the importance of app and API security, and provides a variety of tools and systems that make it easy to measure the security of services like your API Gateway or back-end infrastructure.

With solutions tailored to every need APImetrics has your operations covered with Operational data for non-engineers.

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  • Connected API performance
  • Security monitoring
  • Developer portal analysis
  • Geographic bottleneck identification
  • Third Party integration analysis
  • Network optimization

Utility Data

When First Utility needed an outside-in approach to solving performance bottlenecks, they turned to APImetrics to help them dramatically reduce the time taken to identify and resolve problems.

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