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The Connected Enterprise

Enterprise connectivity helped kick start the API revolution. From Service Orientated Architectures to today, the modern enterprise often has to employ complex sets of solutions from a variety of suppliers in a variety of locations. Only APImetrics can monitor the entire delivery chain – from where your users are – and provide real feedback, assuring that solutions are working as expected and not impacting end users.

Cloud Selection and Monitoring

It doesn’t matter if the APIs are developed and provided internally, or from an external vendor like a CRM or email service. APImetrics and our CASC scoring system provide you with real, actionable intelligence on just how things are really working for users and in a format that all the critical stakeholders can understand.

Customer Support Assurance

One of the critical problems is getting rapidly to the root cause of a perceived problem, without hitting a situation where data is not being seen by one of the groups involved. By providing honest, third-party assurance on the quality of systems, both internal and vendor disputes can be resolved quickly.

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Getting what you pay for?

  • SLA Performance data
  • Multi-homing consulting
  • Performance analysis and bottleneck identification
  • Service performance
  • API Intelligence

Verifying your CDN

Xignite solved a number of challenges with their solution through using APImetrics - both dealing with where to multi-home their data and also verifying their CDN was delivering what they expected.

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