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APImetrics Users

APImetrics users come from all types of sector and we partner with a variety of technology specialists in the API economy. However, while pretty much everybody can use our technology we have some specialist sectors where we offer additional, specialized solutions. With 1000s of users working with APImetrics, why not join us?

Some of our clients

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Barclays APImetrics
New Zealand Ministry of Business and Innovation

It’s really good … I see everything very quickly on one page and it makes it really easy to go to a problem spot and dig in.  Just the other day, we had a single, random incident where one of our APIs flagged a content error, and the whole system made it easy to capture what was needed for the engineers to go do some detailed examination.

Brent Shaw, Iteris

Some of our partners

Monitoring the API economy means working closely with the key providers in the API economy. APImetrics partners with some of the technology leaders and intends to expand our partnerships over time to be an integral piece of the eco-system.

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