API Performance Dashboards

API Performance Dashboards

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CMA9 API Dashboard

August 2019

API Performance data for UK Open Banking APIs for CMA9 banks with our free CMA9 API dashboard.

Free reports show current quality, geographic performance issues, current uptime and recent live availability. Contact us for details on monitoring read/write APIs and more.


  • Best quality: Adam Bank

  • Most reliable: Multiple Banks @100%

  • Fastest API: Bank of Scotland

  • Fastest Region: UK

  • Fastest Cloud: Azure

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API Headlines

  • Worst quality: Halifax

  • Least reliable: Bank of Scotland

  • Slowest API: Santander

  • Slowest Region: Finland

  • Slowest Cloud: Google

API Pass Rates

API Quality Scores

CASC score guide

800+ API is in good health, few problems per month and consistent service
600-800 – some issues, more than expected outliers and inconsistent latencies – issues encountered each week
Below 600: significant inconsistency in response, many errors and outliers – multiple issues a week will impact users

API Latency Analysis

Latency by Call Component

Latency breakdown of typical API transaction times including DNS lookup, handshake, connection time and server side timings.

Global Latency by Cloud Provider

Total API round trip call time from data centers hosted in each region to target endpoint.

Real Time API Availability (last 15 minutes)

API Status Last Week

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