APImetrics DevOps Product of the Year

Dr Paul Cray of APImetrics Accepts the Award

London, June 12 – APImetrics, a real-time API and cloud service monitoring and analytics company, was named DevOps Product of the Year during the TechXLR8 awards ceremony at historic Gibson Hall.

“We’re delighted by the recognition,” said David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics. “It shows that active API monitoring is being seen as an essential part of the DevOps process.”

TechXLR8 is London Tech Week’s flagship event, bringing together eight conferences, 300 exhibitors, live demonstrations and networking opportunities. The TechXLR8 Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the tech industry worldwide.

“London Tech Week really has brought a huge number of different technical strands together in a compelling event,” O’Neill said. “To be recognized alongside world leaders like RedHat is very exciting for us.”

APImetrics is the industry’s first and only intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solution built specifically for enterprise. O’Neill sees API activity as a bottom-line issue.

“We want to take monitoring out of being seen as an IT operations function and as something that the entire business needs to be aware of,” O’Neill said. “Lost time means lost profits. It’s as simple as that.”

The cornerstone of the APImetrics mission are Cloud API Service Consistency scores, or CASC. This proprietary scoring system allows clients to visualize clear, easy to follow Service Level data and instantly understandable business intelligence.

“With CASC clients are not limited to picking a single metric and trying to draw conclusions from it,” O’Neill said. “It’s like a credit score for an API, in that it produces a single number that is a true indication of quality, rather than something that could be interpreted or manipulated.”

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