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Open Banking

Whether it’s simply finding the nearest ATM from an app or providing real-time financial services data, the entire Fintech sector is changing through APIs. Understanding how those APIs affect your business operations – and your customers – is essential. APImetrics provides confidence not just that your APIs meet the right quality standards but that you measure up to other services quality.


Initiatives like the Payment Services Directive 2 or the UKs CMA9 regulations are forcing banks to interact. But do you know the quality of other banks’ services? Is something entirely outside of your control is impacting your users, customers and partnerships?

With APImetrics monitoring and CASC scores, you can have up-to-date, accurate reporting of all the services you supply or depend on, and how they impact your business.

Outside Connectors

With screen scraping and other techniques for integrating to banking services going away, you need to have API access to services outside of the control of the organizations. But will those integrations let you or your customers down and how will you know? With APImetrics you can monitor the quality of the integrations to third party services and be alerted before something hits your users.

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APImetrics provides many services for the financial sector:

  • 360 degree analysis of API performance
  • Support for all banking security models
  • Options for dedicated monitoring solution
  • Secure agents for total security
  • Consulting on monitoring strategy
  • Support for REST and legacy SOAP integrations

Speed is everything

When Xignite needed to understand why they were having certain geographical issues, Matt Purkeypile, the head of Operations turned to APImetrics to understand the issues with global performance, understand why they didn't seem to be getting the right data from their CDN and how to optimize his server setups.


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