APImetrics CEO David O’Neill at Apidays [VIDEO]

Our CEO David O’Neill spoke at Apidays Paris last year about the issues and need for agreed and measurable standards for regulated industries. In case you missed it, here’s his talk with Arnaud Lauret.

The key problem that he (and we) see for all types of regulated industry – banking, healthcare, travel, and so on – is not just agreeing on the standards for what the APIs look like technically, but how we can agree on ways to measure their performance and identify when things go wrong.

“The time is coming for an API economy-wide conversation about regulation, measurement, and dispute resolution for all the sectors that APIs have become critical – before we have a major security or performance issue that can’t be easily explained,” said David O’Neill this week.

Apidays is The World’s Leading API Conference Series. Not only have APIs become a necessity for application customers to streamline operations across their business and product suite, but they have also become an integral part of product development, business strategy, and scalability. Apidays democratizes and evangelizes the use and the opportunity of APIs for corporations and businesses.

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