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API Wizard – Quick How To…

So, we’ve gone live with V1 of our API Wizard Tool.  At the moment this will let you set up authenticated (and non authenticated) API calls against most REST based services.  We’ve added a bunch of services to simplify things too.  So here’s a quick how to guide.  First step, contact us for a Beta Program log in.

Wizard Screen 1


Firstly add the URI for the service you want to test.

Wizard Screen 2


Next, pick the correct authentication.  To make life easier, we’ve pre-populated things to make it easy for you with our Facebook oAuth.

Wizard Screen 3


In the full version, you’d be able to customize the sign-in process to include your developer credentials.

Wizard Screen 4


We can then store the developer credentials for you so you can use them for other tests.

Wizard Screen 5


In the final stage you get to name, and set the perameters for the API call.  Once ready, you can save the call.

Wizard Screen 6


The tool forms the header for you and saves the call ready to run again.

Wizard Screen 7


With the free version of the tool you can run tests on demand and gather the results.  If we like the test, we’ll promote it or a variety of it to the public dashboard we show on this site.

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