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API Technology

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API Technology

Dive into our guides to key API technology and the technologies behind APImetrics


Detailed user guides to our features from your first API call to reporting.


New to the API economy, our entry level articles cover key definitions and what are APIs?

Types of API Calls Supported by APImetrics

APImetrics currently supports the following common types of API calls in use in Service Orientated Architectures (SOA), mobile application development, SaaS (Software as a Service) and similar systems.

APIs allow different systems to communicate with each other. It lets a mobile app talk to a social network, or a payments service work the same way across the web, TV, mobile and other platforms.

REST is a Representational State Transfer. It’s a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol that usually uses HTTP. APImetrics lets you create all types of REST-based calls and supports all common REST security standards. We also parse and handle both JSON and XML returned content.

SOAP – is a Simple Object Access Protocol. This is a messaging protocol that’s often used in older or enterprise software systems, and usually returns XML.

APImetrics uses a simple, intuitive interface to create and manage your API calls.

Visual editor for API calls

Visual editor for API calls

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