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API Technology

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API Technology

Dive into our guides to key API technology and the technologies behind APImetrics


Detailed user guides to our features from your first API call to reporting.


New to the API economy, our entry level articles cover key definitions and what are APIs?

API Monitoring Features

APImetrics offers a complete suite for API call monitoring, including reporting, alerting, analysis and more.

Create and Run real API calls just like users and partners do

  • Set up and run REST & SOAP APIs
  • Import from Swagger, RAML, Postman or use our API
  • Create workflows of linked API calls to test scenarios
  • Detailed results with breakdown of call elements (DNS, TCP connect, handshake, processing, download time)
  • Set Conditions for each test – look for specific content returned, package sizes or specific response codes
  • Set Timing based conditions and alerts for all elements of the API call process
AI-driven API monitoring, real-time alerts and SLA analysis that takes the guesswork out of API performance
APImetrics global coverage API monitoring API monitoring tools

Schedule calls globally from any public cloud location with no configuration or setup

  • Deploy to any cloud location from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM
  • Pick from 68 separate locations
    • North America, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
    • Australia
    • India
  • Deploy on VMs inside your firewall
  • Deploy to micro-controller devices like Raspberry Pis for IOT scenarios

Clear dashboards with integrated reporting and analysis

  • See all scheduled API calls at a single glance
  • Response times for the last day and 2 weeks
  • Pass rates, latency and CASC scores
  • Detailed analysis of the latency breakdown
Active Monitoring for APIs

Functional alerts on the issues you need to know about

Alerting based on failures, slow responses or similar

  • Email based messages
  • Webhook push notifications to common DevOps tools
  • Configurable webhook connection
  • Trigger alerts from any condition set in tests
  • Set reverse testing scenarios for when invalid content is returned
  • Set thresholds before alerts are triggered
PagerDuty APImetrics
Status Page APImetrics
Victor Ops APImetrics
DataDog APImetrics
BigPanda APImetrics
Slack APImetrics

Fully Secure, Automated Diagnosis

Native Security

API security including API Keys, OAuth with ClientID and Secret management, JWS and JWT.

Massive ML Training

Machine Learning system trained off a database of more than a billion real API calls.

AI Diagnosis

AI driven diagnosis, outlier detection, cluster analysis and more. Spots problems in the network or service side automatically.

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