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API Developers

APImetrics provides API developers with the tools to understand how your APIs performance and provide real-time alerts and diagnosis for when things go wrong.


API Monitoring: Create and Run APIs

  • Set up and run REST & SOAP APIs
  • Import from Swagger, RAML, Postman or use our API
  • Create linked API call workflows to test scenarios
  • Detailed results with breakdown of call elements (DNS, TCP connect, handshake, processing, download time)
  • Set Conditions for each test – look for specific content returned, package sizes, or specific response codes
  • Set Timing-based conditions for all elements of the API call process
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API Call: Facebook User Profile Fetch
APImetrics global coverage

API Monitoring: Deploy Globally

  • Deploy to any cloud location from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM
  • Pick from 68 separate locations
    • North America, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
    • Australia
    • India
  • Deploy on VMs inside your firewall
  • Deploy to micro-controller devices like Raspberry Pis for IOT scenarios
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API Monitoring: Alerting

Alerting based on failures, slow responses or similar

  • Email based messages
  • Webhook push notifications to common developer operations tools
  • Configurable webhook connection available
  • Trigger alerts from any condition set in tests
  • Set reverse testing scenarios or where invalid content is returned
API Authentication Settings

API Monitoring: Native Security

Handle all common API security formats inside our service:

  • API Keys
  • OAuth 1.0, 2.0
  • OAuth + JWT, JWS
  • Certificate based security (with custom agents)
  • Share credentials across teams
  • Perform negative OAuth testing against different scopes
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API Monitoring: Diagnose and Report

  • AI based outlier and cluster detection
  • All results are logged and watermarked if necessary
  • Location and Cloud performance issues identified
  • Shareable internal and public report
  • Full access to data via APIs
Salesforce API Latency Map by Location
  • Your API Gateway and APImetrics

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