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API Developers

Make Real, Secure, API Calls

Handle all common API formats and security inside APImetrics to make standard, measurable and repeatable calls:

  • API Keys
  • OAuth 1.0, 2.0, JWS and JWT
  • SSL Certificate based security
  • Test OAuth scopes


API Call: Facebook User Profile Fetch API Monitoring API Monitoring tools


Representational State Transfer (REST). It’s a stateless, client-server, cacheable communications protocol that usually uses HTTP. APImetrics lets you create all types of REST-based API calls and supports all common REST security standards. We also parse and handle both JSON and XML returned content and support multi-step Workflows.

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Simple Object Access Protocol. This is a messaging protocol that’s often used in older or enterprise software systems, usually returning XML.¬†All SOAP APIs involve a POST query that will return a HTTP 200 response, meaning it is critical to review and parse the results to ensure that you get what you expected.

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Global Coverage

APImetrics global coverage API monitoring API monitoring tools

APImetrics providers unique access to agents placed not only around the world, but also, around the public cloud too. Plus, if the locations we offer aren’t enough then users can deploy their own anywhere they can run a Linux VM.

  • Deploy to any cloud location from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM
  • Pick from 68 separate locations
    • North America, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
    • Australia
    • India
  • Deploy on VMs inside your firewall
  • Deploy to micro-controller devices like Raspberry Pis for IOT scenarios
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Diagnotics and Reporting

  • Machine Learning/AI based outlier and cluster detection
  • All results stored and logged indefinitely on all accounts
  • Location, Cloud and Server performance issues automatically identified
  • Shareable results with public reporting options for easy dashboard integration
  • Full access to data via APIs
  • Watermarking of all calls to accelerate issue resolution in other DevOps logging systems

Latency Mapping

Real maps show relative performances of API calls around the world. Calls can be broken down by their constituent parts – TCP connect, DNS, SSL, Processing, Upload and Download timings. We also break results down by cloud, location and percentile of the results.

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Salesforce API Latency Map by Location API monitoring tools


Alerting based on failures, slow responses or similar

  • Email based messages
  • Webhook push notifications to common dev ops tools
  • Configurable webhook connection
  • Trigger alerts from any condition set in tests
  • Set reverse testing scenarios for when invalid content is returned
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