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Key Soundcloud API Resources
DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon Technologies Inc.
Developer Site
Open API: Click Here
Postman Collection
API Docs:
Open API Specification: TDB
soundcloud api

Latest Soundcloud API News

With SoundCloud’s music streaming service, users are able to upload their own tracks and listen or share those of others. In the year of 2007, Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss founded it located at Stockholm, Sweden In the beginning, it functioned as a platform for musicians to exchange their music and cooperate with others. Subsequently, it transformed into a favored destination among music aficionados to unearth new musical talents and compositions.

SoundCloud’s financial problems led to a layoff of 40% of its staff in the year 2017. A $75 million deal was made by SiriusXM, a satellite radio company to acquire the said company. After changing hands to new owners, SoundCloud experienced growth in users and developed additional offerings such as the recently launched subscription service known as Soundcloud Go+.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Kubernetes are used in building SoundCloud’s infrastructure based on a microservices architecture. A seamless user experience is provided by utilizing multiple APIs, which include:

Access to SoundCloud’s music and user information database is provided by this API along with the ability to upload and modify content.

This API offers safe authentication for third-party applications. SoundCloud users have the ability to grant access to their accounts without disclosing login credentials.

SoundCloud playlist and track embedding is possible on other apps and sites through the use of this specific API.

SoundCloud’s implementation of multiple protective measures shows how serious they are about securing user data. The company encountered a security breach in 2017 which caused an impact on 76 million user accounts. The company swiftly resolved the issue and reset all user passwords in response.

SoundCloud recognizes that API performance plays a critical role in its success and thus has made significant investments in optimizing them. Over recent years, the company has experienced very few significant incidents that caused any API downtime.

Promoting independent artists is something that the company has been praised for, however not paying musicians fairly has caused criticism. Moreover, certain artists have utilized the platform to publish unique music and joint ventures, creating hype and gaining media coverage.

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