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Adelbert Delbrück and Ludwig Bamberger founded Deutsche Bank as a worldwide financial institution in Berlin, Germany in 1870. The bank’s initial focus was on financing trade between Germany and other countries. Nevertheless, it grew its business gradually, transforming into one of the biggest banks globally, having a footprint in more than 70 nations.

From its beginning, the bank has experienced several transformations. In the early 20th century, Deutsche Bank was instrumental in financing Germany’s swift industrialization. Financing the Nazi regime during World War II involved the bank. Following the war, it was obliged to compensate Holocaust survivors. Deutsche Bank grew quickly in the decades following this time and expanded its operations globally by acquiring other financial institutions.

Deutsche Bank has encountered notable obstacles in the past few years, such as penalties from regulators, a decreasing stock value, and multiple alterations in management. The bank has revealed a restructuring plan that involves cost-cutting, sale of non-core assets and concentration on core operations to tackle these problems.

The strong infrastructure of Deutsche Bank comprises APIs for different functions. The bank uses several APIs including:

APIs for FX: These APIs offer current exchange rates for different currencies.

Securely initiating and receiving payments is possible for customers with payment APIs.

Managing trade finance transactions becomes easy for customers with Trade Finance APIs. These APIs facilitate issuance of letters of credit and management of risk.

To safeguard customer data, Deutsche Bank has implemented several protocols and places a high priority on security. The list of included security measures comprises encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication. Despite implementing measures, the bank has still experienced several security breaches over time. In particular, during 2019, there was an incident where the bank revealed that about twenty thousand of its American customers were affected due to a security violation.

To Deutsche Bank, API performance is essential for its operations, so it has established measures to ensure excellent availability and dependability. The measures which include load balancing, failover mechanisms, and monitoring tools.

Previously, the bank underwent notable downtime and faced a major outage back in 2016 that persisted for hours. Not only online banking services but also ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions were affected by the outage. Measures have been implemented by the bank to upgrade its infrastructure and mitigate downtime risk.

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