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API Movers and Shakers: Your Weekly API Performance Report

Spring has sprung! And our weekly API performance report is here. For our new readers, hello! This report is culled from our data and from that info, we give you the movers and shakers in each sector. You can also see on our new slick API Directory! Don’t see your favorite APIs listed? Let […]

API Movers and Shakers: Your Weekly API Performance Report

Once again, U.S. Government APIs are not doing so well. FEMA in the US Government Collection was in the Red Zone with a CASC score of 5.72. This was primarily due to an outage on the 7th of March, which saw the requests to most endpoints timeout. There was also a scattering of failures throughout […]

Weekly API Performance Report: Movers and Shakers

Here are our highlights for the week in APIs. We tell you who’s up, who’s down, and who dropped out completely. Are the APIs you depend on included? If not, let us know and we’ll add them to our collection. And if you still haven’t signed up for a demo, what are you waiting for? […]

About Auth0

Auth0 is a cloud-based platform that provides authentication and authorization services for web, mobile, and legacy applications. Auth0 allows developers to easily integrate user authentication and authorization features into their applications through the use of APIs. In general they are high quality APIs which are among the more consistent performers in terms of quality that are monitored by APImetrics.

Auth0 APIs cover most of the functionality of the platform with the most commonly used API being the Authentication API, which provides endpoints for user authentication, user management, and social login. The Authentication API supports various protocols such as OAuth2, OpenID Connect, and SAML, allowing developers to integrate Auth0 with various applications and identity providers.

Auth0 APIs provide several management APIs allowing developers to manage their Auth0 accounts, applications, and users. These APIs include the Management API, which provides endpoints for managing users, applications, and client grants, and the Tenant Settings API, which provides endpoints for managing account settings.

Security is a top priority for Auth0 API, and the company has implemented several security measures to ensure the protection of user data and prevent unauthorized access to its APIs. Auth0 follows industry-standard security practices, such as encryption, access control, and audit logging, to protect user data and prevent data breaches.

Auth0 uses various security measures to secure its APIs, such as SSL/TLS encryption for all API requests and responses, rate limiting to prevent DDoS attacks, and OAuth2 for secure access control. Auth0 also provides a range of authentication methods, including multi-factor authentication, passwordless authentication, and social login, to ensure that user accounts are protected from unauthorized access.

To further enhance security, Auth0 APIs provide several security features that can be configured by developers, such as brute-force protection, IP blocking, and account lockout. Developers can also set up custom password policies and require users to use strong passwords to prevent password-based attacks.

Auth0 APIs adhere to strict compliance standards to ensure that its platform complies with various regulations such as GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA. Auth0 undergoes regular security audits and penetration testing to ensure that its APIs are secure and protected from potential threats.

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