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Key Llama 2 API Resources


DNS Nameserver Host: Amazon Technologies Inc.

Developer Site:

Postman Collection: N/A

API Docs:

Open API Specification: N/A

Latest Llama 2 API News

    LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI) was released by Meta AI in February 2023. Llama 2, Meta’s open-source large language model, is now free and available for research and commercial use. This latest release offers a unique opportunity for developers, while reflecting their commitment to open source, cross collaboration, and innovation.

    Like other large language models, LLaMA works by taking a sequence of words as an input and predicts a next word to recursively generate text. To train LLaMA, they chose text from the 20 languages from around the world, mostly using Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

    Llama 2 was pretrained using publicly available online data sources. The fine-tuned model, Llama-2-chat, features publicly available instruction datasets and over 1 million human annotations. Llama-2-chat is constantly updated using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which includes rejection sampling and proximal policy optimization (PPO).

    Llama 2 is measured by many external benchmarks, including reasoning, coding, proficiency, and knowledge tests. Unlike LLaMA-1, all models are released with weights, and are free for commercial use for the most part. However, due to some remaining restrictions, the description of LLaMA as “open source” has been disputed by the Open Source Initiative.

    Meta’s Responsible Use Guide for Llama 2 is a resource for developers that provides best practices and considerations for building products powered by large language models (LLM) in a responsible manner, covering various stages of development from inception to deployment.

    Uniquely, Llama 2 allows Meta to have new creative tools where users can create and share custom stickers or update the visual style of user photos with a simple text prompt. Users can chat with 28 different AIs and get unique perspectives on topics like travel, games and food.
    Meta AI is an assistant where user can chat 1-on-1 or message in group chats. Meta is rolling out AIs in the US only for now. To start chatting with an AI, users can start a new AI chat in Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp.

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