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API Developers

Understand your API’s performance. Provide real-time alerts and diagnosis for when things go wrong.


Create and Run APIs

  • Set up and run REST & SOAP APIs
  • Import from Swagger, RAML, Postman or use our API
  • Create linked API call workflows to test scenarios
  • Detailed results with breakdown of call elements (DNS, TCP connect, handshake, processing, download time)
  • Set Conditions for each test – look for specific content returned, package sizes or specific response codes
  • Set Timing based conditions and alerts for all elements of the API call process
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API Call: Facebook User Profile Fetch
APImetrics global coverage

Deploy Globally

  • Deploy to any cloud location from AWS, Azure, Google and IBM
  • Pick from 68 separate locations
    • North America, Canada and Mexico
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea
    • Australia
    • India
  • Deploy on VMs inside your firewall
  • Deploy to micro-controller devices like Raspberry Pis for IOT scenarios
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Alerting based on failures, slow responses or similar

  • Email based messages
  • Webhook push notifications to common dev ops tools
  • Configurable webhook connection
  • Trigger alerts from any condition set in tests
  • Set reverse testing scenarios for when invalid content is returned
PagerDuty APImetrics
HipChat APImetrics
VictorOps APImetrics
DataDog APImetrics
BigPanda APImetrics
Slack APImetrics
API Authentication Settings

Native Security

Handle all common API security formats inside our service:

  • API Keys
  • OAuth 1.0, 2.0
  • OAuth + JWT, JWS
  • Certificate based security (with custom agents)
  • Share credentials across teams
  • Perform negative OAuth testing against different scopes
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Diagnose and Report

  • AI based outlier and cluster detection
  • All results logged
  • Location and Cloud performance issues identified
  • Shareable internal and public reporting
  • Full access to data via APIs
  • Watermarking of calls
Salesforce API Latency Map by Location

API Monitoring and Reporting: Steady Improvement in APIs

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Feature Updates

June 7th, 2017|0 Comments

Two changes this week. Reporting (All Locations) You can now generate reports which show the combined results from all locations.  

APImetrics – API Metrics 2016 By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

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An APImetrics study of 100 million samples shows that more than half the APIs in use have serious issues that could compromise companies and consumers, the company reported today. “What this shows is that while [...]

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