AISP: It’s All Kicking Off

You know the future has arrived when you see an advert for it for it on an obscure Sky satellite channel. In this case, what is kicking off is the availability of apps from Account Information Service Providers (AISPs).

AISPs might be as exciting or as glamorous as PISPs (Payment Initiation Service Provider). And we might debate whether they are going to change banking forever – or even why you would really want to use one.

But Mint have been providing account aggregation in the US for years already and a lot of people do have multiple accounts from different providers and AISP is an important part of PSD2, whichever you look at it.

HSBC are heavily pushing their Connected Money service right now, on TV and online. Of course, the app can only be as good as the APIs on which it depends.

So, my question is: what is HSBC using to active moinitor the performance of their PISP APIs?

We can expect other British and European banks to be following HSBC and launching their own rival products over the next weeks and months. A world-class app requires a world-class monitoring solution. We’re ready to talk.

Photo courtesy of Jerry Kirkhart

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