Product Updates: Projects View and New Project Home

Welcome to the spring APImetrics product update!As we prepare for the launch of Premium, and the huge number of new community and integration features that will bring, we're adding some critical new functionality to our core product. So here is a round up of our spring APImetrics product updates. Now that you'll be able to subscribe to different datasets and subscribe as a viewer to historical data, you need to be able to see everything in one view. Projects ViewThe first change is the projects view, this will allow all users to see the data sets, organizations and projects they have [...]

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7 Key Performance API Metrics Every API Dependent Should Know

You may have seen some articles doing the rounds about the 13 key API metrics that teams should track. But going back to the challenge we have with how we describe API consumers, the needs of the 'team' in this context are vague. The API metrics performance section lists uptime (or does it?), CPU usage, and Memory usage.Then they talk about adoption and use metrics – which are important. But why the narrow technical view of API performance? Why ignore the fact that as an API Dependent (a consumer, a solution business owner, a customer success provider, sourcing, and MANY [...]

2021-03-26T13:19:58-07:00By |Opinion| Weekly API Analysis: Expanding Search APIs

This Week’s Highlights GOV.UK in the UK Government category takes the overall title this week (after sharing it last week) with a CASC score of 9.86, the same as last week. Department of Justice in the US Government takes the overall title again with a median latency of 48 ms, the same as last week. Coronavirus COVID19 API ( in the Covid-19 category takes the overall Wooden Spoon again this week with a CASC score of 4.02 up from 3.88 last week. We take a good hard look at Foursquare in the Search category and what they might be able [...]

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