We’re about to make the most significant changes to the product since the first version came out five years ago. We’re really excited about the improvements in functionality – and we’re hoping you will be, too. This rollout has two parts, both happening in the next week:
  • We’re moving to a more secure login process from a third-party authentication service
  • We’re implementing a system of user Roles and Projects
We’d like to take a moment now to outline the changes to the sign-in process and outline the basics of projects – in a follow up post we’ll be diving into the details for projects and for enterprise users we will be providing a more detailed overview as there are even more changes there.

Change in Sign-In Process

APImetrics API Monitoring Sign In Page

By upgrading our authentication service, we are moving AWAY from a username for sign-in and towards a validated email for identification. Your original username will now be the name of your first Project. For existing users, when you first sign up, you will need to SIGN UP again and validate your email address. As long as you are using the email address associated with your OLD account, this will log you in with access to your first project – which will be named after your old user ID.

No Valid Email

If your account did not use a validated email, you will need to contact us at support@apimetrics.com and we will manually complete the onboarding process.

Accounts in a named Organization:

All users will need to sign into a new Account Each Organization will be provided with at least one administrator; we will contact Organizations individually for clarification on this Organizations can then assign Project Roles and responsibilities We’re looking forward to welcoming you all aboard with the new sign-in process. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


With the changes to sign-in, we’re changing the way Accounts work for most users. You can now create Projects and either share them with other users or invite people to share the Project with you. We’ll send some more details shortly – but this will allow you to have your API collections shareable across users and Accounts. For enterprise clients, this will include different Roles and abilities for the management of those Projects. We will be posting about projects in more detail shortly.