fintech api dashboard

As we get closer to launching some data-only products focused on our non-technical users, we wanted to make some data available that’s easy to read and understand. So, the first 5 Fintech API performance dashboards are now up for public consumption. These cover Open Banking, UK CMA9 APIs, financial services API providers, common corporate APIs and US government APIs.

We’re planning to add search engines and social APIs (which they still let us!), so stay tuned.

The dashboards contain key information for understanding more about the API quality and performance, including the best performers by speed and quality, a geographic breakdown of how well they work, and a current 7-day API uptime dashboard.

These dashboards are free. But we can provide weekly and daily data as part of our Monitoring as a Service solution. If you’d like more information concerning Monitoring as a Service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the contact form.

  1. Corporate APIs Dashboard (Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Graph)
  2. CMA9 Read Only APIs
  3. European Banks APIs
  4. Financial Service Provider APIs
  5. US Government APIs

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