Every day, APImetrics run hundreds of thousands of API calls against some of the leading APIs in use. They’re the APIs you may depend on, but you don’t have a clear Service Level Agreement or Commitment.

Using our Cloud API Service Consistency scoring system, we’re launching the first part of a new service – providing weekly and monthly reports on the quality of leading APIs in a variety of sectors.

Currently, these sectors include:

  • Corporate Infrastructure APIs – cloud storage, office programs and more
  • Developer Products – application tools
  • Social Media – Facebook and more
  • Search APIs – comparisons of the leading search APIs

Our new service is currently free to receive our scoring reports on these APIs, and how they rank together.  The data is for baseline comparisons only, and cannot be used for monitoring your own Service Levels. To do that, we will need to work with you to run tests using your keys. But these reports should give you some high-level, useful data.

For the banking sector, we’re also running comparisons of the UK CMA9 Open Banking APIs. And soon we’ll offer scoring for PSD2 Open Banking comparisons with different Sandbox services.

To start getting your reports, just fill in the form:

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