Monitor Internal APIs

Making calls to API endpoints from one of our 64 cloud locations on five continents isn’t ideal – or even possible – for every API stakeholder. Many APIs are purely internal. No one is going to be calling them from any cloud location on any continent. But your internal APIs are just as mission-critical as any external, third-party API.

In fact, internal APIs might well be more important. Monitoring is a vital part of any API management process, although one all too often neglected – especially for internal APIs. But luckily, we have a solution for the issue of monitoring internal APIs.

APImetrics lets you create your own bespoke internal locations to make API test calls from within your own network. Our software is written in Python, so it can run on any physical or virtual server that supports the necessary Python dependencies. Or, if you don’t want to run it on one of your systems, you can run the agent on a Raspberry Pi.

We pre-configure the Pi and it ship it you already cased. All you need to do is to turn on the power and setup the Ethernet connection (the Pi supports WiFi), and off you go. And we’ll work with you to ensure that any security requirements for installing hardware are satisfied.

The Pi works with Ansible, the agent-less open-source automation engine for configuration management, including security issues. This means you can always rest assured that the minicomputer is as up to date as the rest of your systems.

So, don’t just think, “APImetrics would be just what I need if I were interested in external APIs, but everything I care about is behind the firewall.” APImetrics can be used within corporate networks. In fact, one of our largest clients uses dedicated Raspberry Pis running in their network for APImetrics.

Don’t get caught with your internal APIs down. Contact us today, and we can discuss how we can help you behind the firewall.

Photo courtesy of Solarbotics