Programming Notes, Nov 13

Hello, welcome to yet another development update. Our test team were very quick verifying our latest sprint, so we already have a new version live. Two releases in one week, we’re really treating you!

What’s in this latest build?

New Improved Dashboard View

New Improved Dashboard View

  • A new improved dashboard view – let us know what you think about this UI refresh, we think it’s a bit cleaner and easier to view than the old one.
  • New header in all pages, matching our brand styling.
  • You can now import API Calls from Postman!
  • And, as always, various bug fixes.

Postman support

Yes, right on the tail of adding API Blueprint import support, we can now also import API Call definitions from the very popular Postman tool. This now means we support all the major API definition formats so you can quickly start monitoring your APIs from all around the world.

The API importer supports a wide range of options.

The API importer supports a wide range of options.

Next time, in programming notes: a new visualization, and a new way to manage your APIs!

Happy Monitoring, may all your POSTs return a 201!

Nick – VP Engineering

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