Tracking API Calls with APImetrics

Using APImetrics to provide easy to track calls.

We already provide logs of all API calls that include a detailed time stamp so you can find a specific item.

Here’s another way to track calls through your entire stack: add a header to each test using the unique result or workflow result ID.

In the API Call edit view, add a Header. Set the key name to something, such as X-APImetrics-ID and set the value to %%RESULT_ID%%.

If you’re running the call as part of Workflow, you could also add a Header with %%TEST_RUN_RESULT_ID%% which would be the same value for each call made in that Workflow.

Tracking Calls

This way, you can track the call being made through your server logs, and be able to match each specific APImetrics result by matching the value in the result headers to your internal metrics.

Learn more about our API Call variables here:…

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