Tech Talks – When APIs Need to Meet SLAs


APImetrics CEO David O’Neill sits down with Tech Talks Central at MWC and discusses APIs, Monitoring, and SLAs. See the original article here: Tech Talks Central


1:51 “..we built APImetrics to answer the specific question: Why everything looks good on your logs but why       can’t your users use it? …”
3:15 “..people are starting to monetise (APIs). When you monetise, people are expecting them to work in a certain way…and there is a huge gap in the market that can verify that (quality) and we’re looking to cover that…”
5:00 “..we kicked of the first version of our tool measuring the big common APIs like Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google and others over 18 months ago and we now have a database of over 20 million records of API transactions over 18 months; so our next step as we grow is to start to do some analysis of those results in order to actually see where the gold standard is; because it is a very complicated problem. It’s the combination of latency plus uptime…”
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