APImetrics Announces New Partnership with Radius Inc.

We at APImetrics are proud to announce our new partnership with Radius Inc., a Kirkland-based next-generation technology consulting company focused on the growing Internet of Things industry. Earlier today, Radius unveiled their new “Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution,” which is powered by APImetrics technology.

Through Radius, our technology will reach Fortune 500 companies around the world, significantly expanding our service footprint. Check out the below description of Radius’ solution, from http://insideradius.com/:


APIs are the workhorses of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon. By simplifying the process by which data is accessed through the cloud on mobile applications and other connected devices, APIs fuse together all of the IoT’s key components.  As such, API performance is critical in the mobile technology world as we know it.

Despite this fact, existing tools for testing API performance are rudimentary at best, providing little more than a status report on whether an API is “up” or “down.” The Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution solves this problem by providing multiple API stakeholders, including developers, enterprises, and API providers, with an end-to-end API performance test solution featuring the ability to:

1)      Model complex API scenarios;

2)      Receive real-time API performance monitoring data; and

3)      Set-up custom alerts for when APIs important to them are either underperforming or simply failing.

In contrast to existing API assessment tools, which focus solely on whether APIs respond to service calls, the Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution includes a suite of important metrics for determining API performance, such as:

–          Test counts (continuous, regularly scheduled tests)

–          Maximum latency (slowest response time)

–          Average latency (average response time)

–          Pass rate (percentage of times that the API effectively responded)

In addition to providing customized API monitoring services, the Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution will also track and report on the status of the most frequently used APIs in existence, including those architected and deployed by companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, and Twitter.

The Radius API Performance Monitoring Solution is powered by APImetrics Inc., a Seattle-based provider of cloud-based API technology solutions.  APImetrics has built a novel, cutting-edge approach to assessing API performance.

For more information on how you can leverage the Radius API Monitoring Solution to optimize your API performance, contact us at info@insideradius.com.