November News and Updates

It’s been a busy month here, so here’s a quick round up of the news and new features we’ve got coming.


We went out with our Press Release that more than half of the services you need for your apps and services will fail monthly.  Here’s the Programable Web take on it.  And, just in time, Microsoft Azure lost their DNS server taking out all their dependent services for about 45 minutes.  This included APIs offered by Bing and Microsoft Live.  Remember, if a third party service has problems, you have problems!

New Features


Now you can share tests publicly with the global APImetrics test community through open URLs – this includes test configurations, results and also developer settings.  Additionally, for our Enterprise clients, you now have your own private communities, to make it easy to share tests, settings and more with your own developer teams.

Improved OAuth

We’ve added improved AOuth exception handling for services like Salesforce and Yahoo who have non-standard AOuth implementations.

Export Test Logs

In addition to the option to export via API, we’ve added an option to download up to 3000 test logs from the test database so you can work with the numbers in your preferred analytics packages.

Coming in December

As we look forward to December, here’s the two main features we’re focused on getting out.

JSON/XML Content Validation

HTTP 200 sadly isn’t a sign that all is well.  In fact, we’re seeing increasing numbers of APIs which return a HTTP 200 on your API call but include an error message or a malformed body.  To help with this, we’re adding in content validation with custom error settings.

Regional Test Pops

We’re in the process of rolling out the option to run tests from different regions, initially this will be 3 regions inside the USA, one in Europe and one in Asia.  Regional tests will count as an additional test cycle in your plan.


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