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KPIs for APIs – Reporting on Key Performance Indicators

There are a lot of potential measurement points that APImetrics tracks – KPIs for APIs. We give you a range of reporting systems for delivering that data.

The critical metrics we track include:

  • Pass Rate
  • SLA Pass Rate
  • Latency
  • Quality of Service

Pass Rate

By default, many systems purely look for a HTTP 200 code for a pass. But HTTP 200 isn’t always alright. In fact, if you’re testing security or a scope of an OAuth Server, you might not want to see a HTTP 200 at all.  In our key reports we show the pass rate – defined by you.

KPIs for APIs – Reporting on Key Performance Indicators

Effective Pass Rate (Achieved SLA)

You may have a 100% pass rate – but what if the API is performing too slow to be useful for a period of time? Using our technology, we seek out slow and outlier events and subtract those from the actual pass rate to give a number closer to what we would expect to see.


We measure the latency of the entire call as well as all the key stages in an API call, including TCP Connection, Handshake, Processing Time and DNS lookup.

Quality of Service

We take all of these metrics and analyze the data across all the clouds and geographies you’re working in. This will define just how your API is performing, and provide a simple score out of 999 to show you how well things are going. The Cloud API Service Consistency score allows you to understand how well all of the other KPIs for your API are interacting.