End-to-end testing for API users and providers. Get real, end-to-end performance data on the critical APIs you use or provide, ensuring you can meet critical SLAs, be aware of problems before customers are and have the data and tools to debug hard to find and fix problems.

Visual API Call Creator

Easy to use, simple, wizard based API call creation including:

  • Authenticated calls with different standards
  • Test schedule engine
  • Reference code for calls
  • Multi part API calls
  • Edit headers and parameters
  • Custom errors, handle variables and script interactions
Flexible Wizard Based API Call Editor

REST and SOAP Support

APImetrics supports both REST and SOAP APIs:

  • Import SOAP Calls direct from WSDL
  • REST API import coming soon from leading standards such as SWGR
Import WSDL definitions and generate calls

Integrated API Authentication

APImetrics has integrated API call authentication including:

    • Basic Auth
    • API Key based authentication
    • OAuth 1.0
    • OAuth 2.0
    • OAuth 2.0 + JWT
Other auth features include:
  • Run continuous API calls without the need for manual token resets
  • Run calls against different Apps, Users and Scopes
Manage multiple API authentication settings

Multi-Region, Multi-Cloud, Local Test Nodes

Run API calls from anywhere in the world from all the major Cloud Providers:

    • Google Cloud
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Multiple locations in US, EMEA, Asia
Run local calls from inside the firewall
  • Virtual Machine API call node for deployment inside corporate servers
  • Deploy on servers you host for additional test coverage
Call from global locations

Run multiple calls in sequence

Configure test runs using multiple Post Conditions for:

  • Extract variables and pass to future tests
  • Parse content to ensure it parses correctly
  • Set custom error cases
  • Catch HTTP-200 error messages
  • Look for bottlenecks in common sequences
  • Test key scenarios all the time even when users might not be using them
Set custom errors and extract variables

Analytics Driven Reporting and Stats

Detailed API call analytics and widget based dashboards:

    • Call latencies from different locations
    • Error messages and Error Frequencies
    • Histrographic analysis of latency
    • Average latency, peak, min and other analysis
Flexible Reporting Options
  • Customizable widget based user dashboards
  • Detailed comparative API result reporting
  • Publicly available reporting and simple status boards
  • Integrate directly to our results database and extract directly into enterprise logs
Stats Dashboards

Event Logging and Alerts

All events are logged and stored with a range of failure and SLA alerts

  • Integrate to Pager Duty and other Dev Ops tools
  • Alert on failure
  • Set failure alert thresholds
  • Alert for APIs exceeding a specified latency in milliseconds
  • Alert for APIs exceeding a specified deviation from recorded norms

API Call Code Templates

Generate code directly from API calls for Hackathons and internal development:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • iOS
Generate sample code from working API calls