Defining a Quality Standard for SaaS and Cloud Services

The world is increasingly reliant on APIs to drive mobile apps, services and corporate operations. But how do you measure the quality of the APIs you use or depend on? APImetrics have been working on this problem for over 2 years, looking at the different factors that impact API and Cloud quality. And we came to realize that the classically used metrics don't really answer the question of actual quality of service. You need more than the server uptime or server-side response latency you're delivering or receiving from a supplier. To simplify this process, APImetrics have developed the CASC Score [...]

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OAuth – The Standard That Isn’t

This White Paper is published jointly from APImetrics and - a copy can be downloaded from here.  Please feel free to comment or contact us to ask questions. APImetrics, WA, USA and, USA The idea behind OAuth is simple - a standard way to enable access to protected resources (like a social network), so a user can sign into a web service, and, via a secure exchange of tokens, an app or 3rd party can access that service.  All happening without the developer ever seeing the user’s username or password. However, in reality, there is a lot of [...]

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