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Your APIs are Only as Good as the APIs They Depend On

On February 28, it seemed like half the internet went down when the Amazon AWS S3 cloud storage system in northern Virginia suffered an outage that lasted more than four hours. In internet time, that’s an eternity – and potentially a lot of lost revenue for Amazon and its customers, not to speak of all the hair-on-fire in operations and support, and the ripples of disruption spreading down the line to end users. If you rely on a third-party service like Amazon AWS S3 to provide mission-critical functionality, your clients are going to blame you when it goes down. AWS [...]

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Case Study: First Utility

First Utility are a leading energy supplier in the United Kingdom and were having issues with the quality of the APIs that were powering their mobile apps. The challenge they faced was simple - even with extensive testing and monitoring including API Gateway monitoring, Selenium based web test tools and Splunk based logs - they were hitting performance issues that were taking significant time to resolve and identify. Within days of implementing APImetrics, First Utility were able to resolve problems that had been impacting users for weeks and stop intra-company finger pointing. “Rather than an inside-out view, we realized that [...]

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Case Study: New Zealand Ministry of Business

Open government initiatives and a move to use SaaS and Cloud services is changing how governments use and access APIs. In New Zealand, the Ministry of Business and Innovation provides access to a range of government services targeting investors and businesses across New Zealand and the world.   MBIE has found APImetrics to be a very successful tool. The alerting and performance monitoring capabilities have given very useful information to operational teams. They use APImetrics to ensure that the performance of their services is optimized worldwide.

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API Health Report #1

The Impact of Cloud Service Provider on API Performance If you would like to download the full report for free, click HERE! When creating a mobile application, developers normally have significant reasoning for each and every part of that App. Developers pick tools and services they’re familiar with and that they believe will solve their problems. Whether it is the platform they choose to build on, the third-party APIs used, or the language they choose to write it in. There are specific reasons for each. Another major factor that is often overlooked, is which Cloud Provider to choose. Perhaps overlooked [...]

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