Chase and Expensify: No, You Can’t Expense It (For Now)

If you're a customer of Chase trying to upload your expenses using Expensify, take a breather. Go get a latte. On the afternoon of May 18 (PDT), visitors to the Expensify website read this announcement: Effective May 17, 2017, Chase began rejecting all of our connections to their Direct Connect service without warning. As a result, though our end of the connection has not changed, we are not able to import any transactions for any type of Chase card until the blockage is removed from Chase's side. Expensify added: “This is not due to any security concerns.” So, it’s not [...]

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Census Data #API is Down

The US Census Bureau tweeted this about their API on the morning of Apr 6, 2017. They even sent us an email: We are currently experiencing an extended interruption in service for the Census data API. We are working to resolve the issue and apologize for any inconvenience. And indeed, there has been an extended interruption. As part of our efforts here at APImetrics to understand the global API ecosystem, we monitor hundreds of public APIs. These include two US Census Bureau APIs – the populations of California in 2010 and King County, WA in 2010. Both of these APIs [...]

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Tesla’s API outage is a lesson for everybody in today’s hyper-connected world

Forty years ago, the average car barely had a transistor in it. But a car in 2017 is basically a bunch of incredibly sophisticated software riding around on some very high-end processors attached to a chassis. Sometimes you can’t even open the doors if the car app can't access to the manufacturer’s API.  Outraged Tesla owners discovered this during its 20-hour outage last week. Tesla relies on constant communication between the company’s data centers and its vehicles. This gives them vital real-time information to manage the cars safely, optimize their performance and, in some circumstances, simply make the cars go. [...]

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70% of all API problems have no apparent root cause

70% of all API problems have no easy way to identify root cause In a survey of 20 of the leading corporate infrastructure APIs, we found that in over 70% of the API problems, there was no clear root cause in the cluster of poor performance. We used our Machine Learning system to learn the normal performance of each of the APIs. This included services from Docusign, Microsoft and Dropbox. We looked for periods where the performance degraded. We then clustered the events that seem to be linked or related (again using machine learning techniques). Then we looked [...]

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API News Rundown 5.11.15

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APImetrics, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in! From APImetrics: A Featurette on our Features–  More information on our customizable Automated API Monitoring, Sharable Report, Dashboard and our Test Call Scheduler. From Around the Web: Pinterest Welcomes New Apps with Developer API– Pinterest announced today that it’s finally releasing an API for developers, which will enable them to build apps based on Pinterest’s user data. How Smart Cities are Promoting API Usage - APIs are increasingly being [...]

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API News Rundown 5.4.15

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APImetrics, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in! From APImetrics: JSON and XML Content Error Reporting - One of the common problems we see with APIs is a HTTP 200 code, but a mobile app, in particular still has problem with the results. Cloud Platform IP Address Assignment cause Headaches - Companies that set up servers with popular cloud providers might assume that their IP addresses will be associated with the [...]

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API News Rundown 4.20.15

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APImetrics, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is.. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in! From Around the Web: Nordic APIs: API, Part of the Creative Palette - highlighting the awesome ways APIs are changing the way we think, drink and interact. ProgrammableWeb- Google Announces Changes to Cloud Platform - Google Cloud Platform announced multiple updates that help leverage its global network. ProgrammableWeb - Amazon Workspace API Offers Access to Cloud-Based Desktops - Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based desktop through [...]

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APImetrics will be Attending MWC 2015

We will be attending the Mobile World Congress, March 2-5. If you are attending and want to schedule a meeting reach out to . Remember to speak with your API about regular screening, with APImetrics!   MWC ’15 - The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilizing every device we use in our daily lives. In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the [...]

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APImetrics gets Funding from Bain Capital Ventures

APImetrics announces the closing of a $500,000 Seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures. This is the first funding issued through Bain's new seed program. "APImetrics redefines the way that the enterprise views and values its API resources," said Salil Deshpande, managing director, Bain Capital Ventures. "And the APImetrics technology and business model offer a unique and economical way for enterprises, developers and platform vendors to ensure that critical APIs are performing as designed." "Being the first company to be funded by Bain Capital Ventures' seed program validates our viability and market approach," said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics. "Today's [...]

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