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API News Rundown 4.14

A weekly rundown of all things API! At APImetrics, we love APIs and everything that makes the API Ecosystem what it is. With that in mind, here is the first of many weekly API News posts. Keep up to date, learn of new tech, or just get some good reading in!   From APImetrics: Why Automated API Testing is Necessary - Make educated decisions based off hard data, driven from reoccurring API Testing when choosing which API to utilize for your business. When APIs Need to Meet SLAs - APImetrics offers intelligent, analytics-driven API performance solution built specifically for the [...]

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Added Support for SOAP APIs

At APImetrics we are always striving to stay agile and with that we want to continue enhancing our product to be the perfect API Performance Monitoring Solution for Enterprise. With more customers joining every day, we started to see an uptick in requests from Enterprise Clients to add support for SOAP. With that, we are happy to announce that we have rolled out full support for SOAP APIs! APImetrics CEO David O’Neill was recently interviewed by ProgrammableWeb’s Janet Wagner about the new support features. * “O'Neill explained to ProgrammableWeb that a lot of their enterprise customers were requesting the ability to monitor [...]

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Tech Talks – When APIs Need to Meet SLAs

  APImetrics CEO David O'Neill sits down with Tech Talks Central at MWC and discusses APIs, Monitoring, and SLAs. See the original article here: Tech Talks Central   1:51 “..we built APImetrics to answer the specific question: Why everything looks good on your logs but why       can’t your users use it? …” 3:15 “..people are starting to monetise (APIs). When you monetise, people are expecting them to work in a certain way…and there is a huge gap in the market that can verify that (quality) and we’re looking to cover that…” 5:00 “..we kicked of the first version of our [...]

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Why Automated API Testing is Necessary

With the rise of the Microservice business model, more and more companies are using third party plugins within their services. For example, if your new company needs to build a location based App, more than likely you would look to an existing location API, like Uber or Google’s, that you know would work well. Another example, you want to add weather forecasts to your service, would you be more willing to build this from scratch? Or, look to something like Open Weather Map or AccuWeather API to perform that function for you? These days, more often than not the answer [...]

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With APIs Replacing Middle Management, How is Their Performance Measured?

  An article recently published by PETER REINHARDT made some very valid claims that APIs are starting to replace Middle Management. Easy examples would be companies like Uber and AirBnB that rely upon an app and its APIs to coordinate, direct, and manage the employees under it.   “There’s a trend in Silicon Valley startups to create a software layer in industries that were traditionally pure human services.The software  layer between the company and their armies of contractors eliminates a huge amount of middle management, and creates a worrisome  disconnect between jobs that will be automated, and jobs of increasing [...]

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Application Performance Management vs. API Performance Monitoring

The difference between monitoring the performance of your Apps and the performance of your APIs is greater than a lot of people care to admit. Application Performance Monitoring services out there do a great job at high level analytics about how your App is performing as a whole: monitoring key data points like Server Loads, User Adoption, Market Share, Downloads, Latency and Error logging. However, they can only monitor what your app and servers are doing at any given time.  If users aren't doing a specific thing, or if what they are doing is working but sending, for example, too [...]

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Cookie Authentication

We support Cookie Authentication using the Post-Conditions section of a test, in conjunction with a multiple-test test run. The general idea would be a test run with the follow: Call an API which creates the session In the Post-Conditions, extract cookie value in post-conditions Call other tests, add a header using the custom variable from (2). For example, if your API returns a header: 200 OK Set-Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=zw4ixeriskyukm5asrdh0nlv; path=/; HttpOnly … In Post-Conditions, add a variable under headers named COOKIE, with the following path: Set-Cookie|replace('; path=/; HttpOnly', '')   Then in the follow-on tests, add a header in the test [...]

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APImetrics will be Attending MWC 2015

We will be attending the Mobile World Congress, March 2-5. If you are attending and want to schedule a meeting reach out to Ian@APImetrics.com . Remember to speak with your API about regular screening, with APImetrics!   MWC ’15 - The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilizing every device we use in our daily lives. In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the [...]

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APImetrics gets Funding from Bain Capital Ventures

APImetrics announces the closing of a $500,000 Seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures. This is the first funding issued through Bain's new seed program. "APImetrics redefines the way that the enterprise views and values its API resources," said Salil Deshpande, managing director, Bain Capital Ventures. "And the APImetrics technology and business model offer a unique and economical way for enterprises, developers and platform vendors to ensure that critical APIs are performing as designed." "Being the first company to be funded by Bain Capital Ventures' seed program validates our viability and market approach," said David O'Neill, CEO of APImetrics. "Today's [...]

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