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The Internet is Coming for your Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone from a “buzzword” term, to a potential multi trillion dollar industry. No longer is the idea of a “smart home” or connected self-driving cars a science fiction fantasy, but rather a near future reality. The first IoT device was a Toaster created by John Romkey in 1990. The Toaster was connected to a computer with TCP/IP networking. It then used an information base (SNMP MIB) to turn the power on. 25 years later, there are nearly 2 billion smartphone users in the world (Source), and the number of other connected devices grows daily. [...]

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Tracking API Calls with APImetrics

Using APImetrics to provide easy to track calls. We already provide logs of all API calls that include a detailed time stamp so you can find a specific item. Here’s another way to track calls through your entire stack: add a header to each test using the unique result or workflow result ID. In the API Call edit view, add a Header. Set the key name to something, such as X-APImetrics-ID and set the value to %%RESULT_ID%%. If you’re running the call as part of Workflow, you could also add a Header with %%TEST_RUN_RESULT_ID%% which would be the same value [...]

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API Documentation Needs Love too

At APImetrics, we mainly deal in the analytics of APIs and the corresponding infrastructure that supports them. These traits are easily quantifiable and the results make for simple benchmarking and examination. Another crucial, yet slightly ambiguous attribute is the API’s documentaion. Developers spend countless hours designing and building the APIs that users depend on and love, but they tend to take shortcuts when it comes to documenting. It is easy to argue that the most important piece of UX for this type of product is not actually the Sign-Up, Homepage, or even the SDK download page, but actually the Documentation. [...]

By | July 22nd, 2015|Opinion|2 Comments

Self-Regulation and Why Third-Party Monitoring Matters

Who Watches the Watchmen Self-Regulation, although sometimes viewed in a negative light, is actually a key cog in today’s global economy. It has helped a wide range of industries, from advertising, to health care, to professional sports. In advertising, groups like the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the National Advertising Review Council have helped protect consumers and monitor the industry. Within the health care industry, the American Medical Association has supplemented the government regulators to assist with maintaining the strict practices and procedures. The world of professional and amateur sports is very fragmented, however they all have governing bodies that assist [...]

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