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Updates for March 17 2017

A quick programming note for everybody, and the obligatory Happy St Patrick's Day, we've released some new features this week that will improve the stats functions. You can now view statistics for 'All Locations' where we display the averages for all the locations and clouds you're monitoring from.  We're also adding some new analysis around this point in the coming weeks along with expansions to our machine learning services. Other updates this week include All Location widgets for your dashboard and additional options for filtering results.

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APImetrics gets a fresh new look for 2017

Hot on the heels of our Improved Call Data Visualizations and Reporting, the APImetrics user interface has now been given a fresh new look for 2017. Our improved interface makes APImetrics even more user-friendly and straightforward to use than before. Over the past year, we’ve been focused on enhancing the core functionality of APImetrics that has made our product the industry-leading API quality monitoring solution, especially with our unique APImetrics Insights intelligent analytics suite and CASC Score that lets you see at glance how well your APIs are performing. Every aspect of the APImetrics user interface and user experience has [...]

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Improved Call Data Visualizations and Reporting

Welcome to 2017 and with it the first of a bunch of new features designed to tell you more about what's actually impacting your API and SaaS performance.  First out of the gate is improved visualizations and comparison data of the steps involved in an API call.  We've been breaking down the individual steps for some time into DNS lookup, handshake, processing and download, but we've now visualized that data along with gauges to show how the numbers stack up to your historical averages. We're also adding in functionality into the 'SLOW' alerts to let you know roughly where the [...]

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Defining a Quality Standard for SaaS and Cloud Services

The world is increasingly reliant on APIs to drive mobile apps, services and corporate operations. But how do you measure the quality of the APIs you use or depend on? APImetrics have been working on this problem for over 2 years, looking at the different factors that impact API and Cloud quality and we came to realize that the classically used metrics like server uptime or server-side response latency doesn't really answer the question of the actual quality of the service that you're delivering or receiving from a supplier. To simplify this process, APImetrics have developed the CASC Score (Cloud [...]

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Case Study: First Utility

First Utility are a leading energy supplier in the United Kingdom and were having issues with the quality of the APIs that were powering their mobile apps. The challenge they faced was simple - even with extensive testing and monitoring including API Gateway monitoring, Selenium based web test tools and Splunk based logs - they were hitting performance issues that were taking significant time to resolve and identify. Within days of implementing APImetrics, First Utility were able to resolve problems that had been impacting users for weeks and stop intra-company finger pointing. “Rather than an inside-out view, we realized that [...]

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70% of all API problems have no apparent root cause

70% of all API issues have no easy to identify root cause In a survey of 20 of the leading corporate infrastructure APIs, we found that in over 70% of the performance issues we detected, there was no clear root cause in the cluster of poor performance. We used our Machine Learning system to learn the normal performance of each of the APIs which included services from Docusign, Microsoft and Dropbox and looked for periods where the performance degraded.  We then clustered the events that appeared to be linked or related (again using machine learning techniques) and looked [...]

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Issue Affecting Remote Locations over 4th July Weekend

It's come to our attention that we had a significant issue affecting data collection from our remote agents over the 4th of July weekend.  We've traced the problem to our services bus that connects the remote agents to our data store.  This has been rectified and we are taking steps to ensure this type of event can't happen again, unfortunately, it will have resulted in a weekend of lost data from the different collection points. Calls made from our default server will be unaffected. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Two Percent

We're in the process of rolling out some new analytics tools and we've been looking at some headline numbers.  The first headline number is 83,000,000 - that's how many API calls we've run since we started APImetrics and, because we believe in learning from data, that's how many records we have in our database. The second number, which is what surprised us, of that number about 1,600,000 are out and out failures - that is the API returned, for some reason, a 5XX error.  We have a much higher rate of 4XX errors, but they could be related to token [...]

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What is your API doing at 10pm?

An article including a number of things we've discovered over the last year and very handy for anybody who is starting to try and figure out what a Service Level Agreement (SLA) actually means for an API, a micro-service or, for that matter, the cloud. We're going to be expanding our feature set around SLA monitoring and we'll keep you informed of the status over the next few months. Enjoy this one, it's an excellent read from CIO.com.

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Going Back In Time

API Time Travel We frequently check general performance data to look for 'odd' responses and we found an interesting one today which involved an API call on a test server which took -284,027ms, or just a little under 5 minutes.  We assume that the host had to have a clock reset in the middle of making the API call, but it was an interesting results and one which has led to a small change on our side to error out such platform induced time issues in the future. Once again, this makes it clear to us that just [...]

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