More Detailed Call Results and Data

Welcome to 2017 and with it the first of a bunch of new features designed to tell you more about what’s actually impacting your API and SaaS performance.  First out of the gate is improved visualizations and comparison data of the steps involved in an API call.  We’ve been breaking down the individual steps for some time into DNS lookup, handshake, processing and download, but we’ve now visualized that data along with gauges to show how the numbers stack up to your historical averages.

We’re also adding in functionality into the ‘SLOW’ alerts to let you know roughly where the problem was.  If you’re worried about your stack then a poor processing time is likely to be far more concerning than an internet related problem like this example shows.

Coming later in the year will be more analytical and automated reporting on the likely problems you’re hitting in any given time period.

As always, feel free to reach out to us for more information!