The world is increasingly reliant on APIs to drive mobile apps, services and corporate operations. But how do you measure the quality of the APIs you use or depend on?

APImetrics have been working on this problem for over 2 years, looking at the different factors that impact API and Cloud quality and we came to realize that the classically used metrics like server uptime or server-side response latency doesn’t really answer the question of the actual quality of the service that you’re delivering or receiving from a supplier. To simplify this process, APImetrics have developed the CASC Score (Cloud API Service Consistency). Using Machine Learning algorithms we have developed, statistical analysis techniques and our patent pending global network of collection agents, we’ve developed a way to identify, with a simple to read score, the quality of any APIs and allow for our clients to compare different APIs in a true Apples to Apples way.

Finally, we have been able to relate the CASC Score to the likely annual costs per API to provide support – investigating problems and reviewing customer raised support tickets costs money and the negative impact on your users from failing to see a problem is a very real issue for clients. With APImetrics and the CASC score we can help our clients zero in on problems before they impact your users.

we’ve prepared a White Paper explaining our approach which we invite you to download and review and please feel free to reach out so we can start a Proof of Value to start monitoring the APIs you rely on or start measuring the APIs you supply to your customers.