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Artificial Intelligence driven API monitoring, alerting and service level analysis

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70% of the API issues we detect have no obvious underlying root cause. Are you ready for that?

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When it comes to your business’s API protocols, every millisecond counts. Even the slightest delay, and they click away – and taking their money with them.

At APImetrics, we understand that lost time means lost profits. That’s why when it comes to your API, we know how important it is to get the answers you need, when you need them. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s best real-time API & Cloud Service monitoring and analytics – and we’ve made it surprisingly affordable.

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APImetrics and ROI

Time is money. Those milliseconds can potentially mean millions of wasted engineering and investigation dollars for a poor API. Up to $20,000/year for reporting. Lost revenues to competitors. Paying for no results or slow service.

APImetrics saves you time on reporting, negotiating SLA and performance issues, and tracking down customer-reported issues that don’t appear in internal logging systems.

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APImetrics gives you unrivaled insight into how critical APIs, micro services, web services and other systems work and interoperate. No matter what sector you’re servicing, APImetrics has the capabilities and functionality to help you understand the quality of the services you use, supply or need.

  • Measure uptime and latency from any location or cloud – worldwide.
  • Set custom conditions for pass and fail rates.
  • Automatically deploy individual API calls or workflows to any cloud and any location.
  • Deploy securely inside your firewall or in custom locations.
  • Configure custom OAuth Tokens with custom scopes to monitor access to resources and API Gateway settings.
  • Create custom interfaces to other products.

Real-time alerts and notifications are generated covering non-compliant content, failures, speed or size related issues. Detailed reports give a global daily, weekly, month or annual view of performance, trends and heatmaps. Simply add real-time service status pages – generated automatically from APImetrics reports – or create custom reports using our data export API.