Visual API Call Creator

Create API calls with the click of a button
Rapidly create complex API calls and deploy them anywhere in the world.

Analytics Dashboard

Monitor all of your API calls from one station

Completely customizable dashboards with a range of widgets.  Create custom performance reports and external API performance dashboards.

Run multiple calls in sequence

Configure Work Flows using Conditions

Use Work Flows to track complex sequences of API calls then deploy them inside and outside your corporate servers.

REST and SOAP Support

Track SOAP and REST Performance

Track REST and SOAP calls both inside and outside your corporate servers.  Build mixed Workflows with combinations of REST and SOAP, and inside and outside corporate servers.

Run API calls anywhere

Any Cloud, Any Location, Anywhere

Deploy API Calls and Workflows to any of the major Clouds (AWS, Google and Azure), in any location, or behind your firewall using a deployable agent

Integrated Authentication

Handle API authentication within APImetrics

APImetrics provides integrated support for API Keys, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0 and OAuth 2.0+JWS/JWT

Run your first APImetrics call today with a 14-day free trial

Real API performance data lets you track services that you use, provide, or need. Integrated analysis, robust reporting and shareable results for extended, dynamic coverage. End-to-end remote testing measures real-world performance for cloud services or inside your firewall. APImetrics does it all for consumers, developers, vendors and enterprises.

  • Fast and simple API call creation
  • Support for REST and SOAP APIs
  • Integrated API authentication for repeatable calls
  • Multi-region, multi-cloud test deployments
  • Test multiple calls in sequences of Workflows
  • Powerful reporting options with detailed dashboards
API Calls in our database
API Calls a day with APImetrics
Public APIs monitored by us
API Calls Defined

Choose a service that’s right for you

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  • 800/day (25,000/month)
  • Run calls from anywhere/anycloud
  • Create Custom Shareable Reports
  • Import from Swagger/RAML/Postman/Blueprint
  • APImetrics Insights Analysis and reporting


  • 5000/day (150,000/month)
  • Small plus…
  • Create your own agents
  • API access to database
  • API imports


from $750+monthly
  • 15,000/day (500,000/month)
  • Medium plus…
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Mutual SLA management tools
  • Premium setup and support options available